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Car Accident Essay Example for Free (#3)

Car Accident Essay Peter is nice man and a hard worker, but he is careless about his wife and family, his wife Carteria take care all the housework, he has been two month did not go home , he was on a business trip, when he arrived at home, Carteria is not at home , he look at his watch , it is already seven pm, Carteria should be at home with diner really. He makes a phone call to his wife, but no one pick up. He grap a buttle of water sit on sofa turn on the TV wait his wife to come home. he is tired from the work. Eventually he fall in sleep on sofa. When he wake up it already ten am at morning and he realize Carteria has not come home. He start to worry about her, keep calling her but no one pick up the phone. It was never happen befor, he try to find any number relate to Carteria,except her number he can not find anything, all the number are about his work, what is happen to her, he start nerves. He never care about her like that. He just tell himself she is going to be ok, she may just hang out with some friend, and forget about time, because Peter is not with her all the time, maybe she just feel longly sometime. All he has to do just be patience wait. He decide to sit on sofa to release his nerves, at same time he turn on the TV, he peer at photo just on the TV stander, he never know there is a photo. The picture is he and Carteria with lovely smile on the park. A news attract his attention, it is a car accident happen on a few block a way from his home yesterday. â€Å"Oh no no no, not her† Peter say . â€Å"A 42 years old man die in the accident† he shut off the TV and say â€Å"thanks god it is not happen her† he feels so release, he take out photo album and look at it. It remind his good memory with Carteria. He has been long time did not go out with his wife. Now he think about when she come back, he going to have a trip with her. Suddenly the door is open Carteria come back, Peter stand up from sofa and walk to the door, look at her with a happy face, he wants to say happy to see you again, but he does not finish what he say, because Carteria s face looks so sad something bad happen to her and the face can tell she has been cry, the tear still on her eyes. Then Peter just say â€Å"Hi what is happen to you† he does not answer it. She just take off her shoes, â€Å"where have you been ? † Peter say, she does not even look at him and walk straight to the room lock the door. Peter can hear Carteria is crying so hard in the room. Peter has no idear what is going on. He knock the door â€Å"what is happen to you† Peter ask, she does not answer it. Peter sits beside the door, wait when she gets better come out and ask her what happen about her. How long has she cry, peter can not remember Carterian come out ,she still does not talk to peter. She gets in to the car, peter sit beside her. Carteria drive the car. Finally they arrived at a funeral, â€Å"whom funeral is that† say peter. The most of member are his family and friends. When they walk close, Peter shock by the funeral. That is his own funeral, his name on the tombstone. Carteria cry again. Flash back Peter suddenly remember the car accident happen a few blocks a way from his home. It is he on his way go home hit by a car, and Carteria spend all night with him. He does not know she love him so much, but right now he has no chance to love her back. Car Accident. (2016, Dec 14).

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The Role of Corporate Governance Mechanism of Independent Directors Essay

The Role of Corporate Governance Mechanism of Independent Directors - Essay Example The mechanism suggests that the Board of Directors should comprise of an equal numbers of executive and non-executive (independent) directors. Executive directors are responsible for the management of the company’s operations whereas the non-executive directors, which are appointed by the shareholders, are responsible for the supervision of the executive directors’ performance as a whole. Under the framework, the independent directors are responsible for setting up board committees, which govern the performance of the board. These committees include audit committee, remuneration committee and nomination committee. The audit committee supervises the reporting of the financial statements between the management and the shareholders of the company, remuneration committee is responsible for devising remuneration packages for the executive directors of the board after considering their performance and the nomination committee is responsible for nominating directors that can b ecome the part of the board after elected by the board of directors. This whole framework is then observed in the real life examples of various organizations in UK, so as to see how effectively the mechanism has been applied and how well it is performing in achieving the main purpose of the framework. The Role of Corporate Governance Mechanism of Independent Directors According to the Cadbury report (1992), Corporate Governance has been defined as ‘the system by which companies are directed and controlled (P 15, paragraph 2.5).’ The system states that the board of directors is assigned the responsibility of governing the companies on the behalf of the shareholders, whereas the shareholders are in charge of appointing a board of directors along with auditors, so that they can be satisfied that a suitable system of governance is in place. In this paper the mechanism of independent directors, defined by the Corporate Governance, will be discussed to see how this mechanism works for the effective execution of governance. The concept of independent directors was originally acquired from the Anglo-American model of Corporate Governance, where there was a unified structure of board of directors. The main reason behind the concept was to apply checks and controls where there was a separation between ownership and control of the organization (Ali and Gregoriou, 2006). Recent progress in economic theory suggests that the appointed board of directors play a vital part in the effective governance of a corporation. With the authority to hire, fire and compensate the senior management of the company, the board of directors ensures that the problems relating to the conflicts of interest among the shareholders and the management are resolved and controlled. This contributes to economizing the transaction costs (also called the agency costs) that arises as a result of the separation of ownership and control, thus facilitating the existence of an organization as an open corporation (Baysinger and Butler, 1985). The basic agency problems that arise as a consequence of the separation of control and ownership include; managers acting in order to serve their personal interests, non-transparency of financial performance between the managers and the shareholders in ord er to portray a better picture of the company’s performance by keeping the shareholders in the dark and the management’s motivation to focus on short term performance and manipulation of the financial performance in order to secure incentives (Rezaee, 2007). In order to overcome these issues corporate governance defined a framework of board of directors to introduce independent direc

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Types of Offenses Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Types of Offenses - Assignment Example Introduction It is important to note that there are specific elements of a crime that constitute any given type of crime, an attempted murder included. When one has been accused of attempted murder, he or she has not necessarily been convicted of attempting to kill someone because an accusation is not considered a conviction. Emanuel (2007) argues that such an accusation must have the elements of the crime for one to be considered guilty of committing it (Scaros, 2004). Since Mr. Assin has merely been formally accused in a court of law of committing the crime of attempted murder, it does not mean that he is guilty of the crime (Currier & Eimermann, 2009). In this particular case, Mr. Assin is simply in trouble because he was caught in between an interesting scenario and has been mistakenly accused of being responsible for planning to kill Sally’s husband. This essay will present a memo addressing Mr. Assin’s worries of whether or not he is guilty of the crime of attempt ed murder, and explaining to him the elements of such a crime. MEMO TO: Mr. G. Ilty Assin FROM: Criminal attorney DATE: 21-January-2012 SUBJECT: Charges of attempt to commit murder in the first degree Following the scenario at the restaurant involving Sally, the woman who was attempting to murder her husband, this memo addresses your concerns, explaining the elements of murder including what is required to convict one of attempted murder and whether or not you committed the crime of attempted murder. 1. Explanation of the elements of murder including what is required to convict someone of attempt to commit murder. The elements of a crime such as murder are all those basic sets of common law principles that are necessary for criminal liability. The elements of murder therefore refer to the predetermined factors of a crime that sustain its conviction. According to Emanuel (2007), murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another human being, often with malice. Murder has several el ements that are recognizable by law. The first element of murder is the intent of killing someone else. This means that the accused must have had the intentions of committing murder or might have been very reckless or negligent to such an extent that his or her acts showed the intention of murdering someone else (Scaros, 2004). The second element of murder is the actual act of killing someone else. This refers to the physical action (s) taken by someone that resulted in the death of someone else (Currier & Eimermann, 2009). The third and final element of murder it the causation of murder. In this case, the act or intention to murder someone must be determined as the legal and actual cause of death. If a person had the legal obligation to act or not act in a certain way and he or she fails to follow this obligation, he or she will be held liable if their actions or failure of caused the death of some